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Ski With Me

    Ski With Me (SWM) teaches kids to love winter. Professional instructors stress safety, promote fun, and teach kids the basic skills of skiing in a well-structured program. Then, the fun continues.
    SWM (Ski With Me) provides all the equipment, lift tickets, and lessons need to overcome the complexity, confusion, and cost to “never-ever” beginners. We are also working out transportation and even hope for ski clothes if needed.
    We have a minimum of four visits at Kissing Bridge, but weather permitting we expect up to 8 passes at KB. And we are working on a weekday “bonus” pass to another WNY ski area.
    Although originally conceived as a school program, we're more about family and community. So, we invite others, siblings and adults, skiers or not, to join in the fun. There will be ample “free time” to explore and enjoy all the slopes.
    Let’s realize skiing is as much a social event as it is a recreational activity. There is room for any “lounge lizards” who just want to sit by the indoor fireplace, enjoy their snacks, and share their beverages.
    Come to learn more from the organizer who will give a brief demonstration and address all questions.

Gary Helffenstein
7137 Chestnut Ridge Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Kissing Bridge Ski Resort 1010296 State Rd. Glenwood, NY 14069 | 1-716-592-4963
Salvation Army - Buffalo Schools - Student Learn To Ski Program - Hot Ice Ski Club

Youth Ski Program
Kissing Bridge Ski Resort
Hot Ice Ski Club


I accept for use the snow sports equipment listed on this form and accept full responsibility for the care of this equipment. For the purpose of this rental agreement snow sports equipment shall include but not be limited to: skis, snowboards, poles, boots, helmets or any other type of snow sports equipment available for rent at Kissing Bridge Ski Resort 10296 State Rd. Glenwood, NY 14069. I also understand that the binding release/retention values will be set on the basis of my child’s height, weight, skier classification and age. I verify the accuracy of all information provided by me on behalf of my child in connection with this equipment rental. I understand and am aware that all snow sports, including those which the equipment I am renting potentially HAZARDOUS, and that the use of snow sports equipment involves risk of injury to any and all parts of the user’s body. I have read and understand the statements describing the risks inherent in all snow sports, including skiing and snowboarding, as well as the statements concerning the responsibilities of persons using snow sports equipment, which are outlined on the “warnings to skiers” and “skiers’ responsibility” signs posted throughout Kissing Bridge Ski Resort snow sports areas and I agree to assume freely and expressly each of those risks. I understand that my child will be instructed on the use and function of the snow sports equipment. I understand I may ask the rental shop technicians whatever questions I may have about the equipment. I agree not to accept the equipment until all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I understand that all or part of the equipment I am renting may form part of a ski-boot-binding system which will NOT RELEASE at all times, or under all circumstances, and that it is not possible to predict every situation in which it will or will not release, and that it’s use cannot guarantee the users safety and freedom from injury while using the equipment. I agree and understand that the ski-boot-binding system does NOT ELIMINATE THE RISK of injuries to any part of the users’ body. I also understand and accept that helmets will not prevent all injuries to my child’s head and neck. I agree to check the snow sports equipment before each use, and I agree not to use the equipment if any parts are worn, damaged or missing. I understand that the rental shop will exchange or adjust this equipment at any time, free of charge, and I agree not to make any adjustments of my own. It is understood that the rental equipment is to be used for normal recreational snow sports use only, and that if the equipment is not returned on the last day of this agreement in as good condition as when rented (wear and tear due to normal recreational use expected), I am responsible to pay in cash for repair charges, further rental charges, or replacement at full retail value, unless I have purchased damage waiver insurance at the time of rental. If the rental equipment is lost or stolen I agree to pay in cash the full retail value of the equipment. I hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions of this contract. The document constitutes the final and entire agreement between the rental shop and the undersigned. This rental shop, itself, provides NO WARRANTIES, express or implied, and the snow sports equipment is accepted as is. To the fullest extent possible by law, I agree to RELEASE FROM LIABILITY and to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS, all manufacturers and distributors of the equipment provided to me under this agreement. I have carefully read this agreement and fully understand its contents. I am aware this is an acknowledgment of risk and a contract between myself and the rental shop, and I sign it of my own free will.

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