Hot Ice Ski Club of WNY

Do It Down Hill
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Member National Brotherhood of Skiers
The Program Ends for 2022
     We, the Hot Ice Ski Club and on behalf of the Ski With Me and Salvation Army , thank you for participatingtion in our inaugural foray into reintroducing our community to the sport of skiing! This is not the end but the beginning of a partnership that will provide a  meaningful opportunity for otherwise idle minds. Winters can be boring if not used to ones advantage and Hot Ice believes in using all that is before us to enhance the individuals mind, spirit and community as a whole. Look for our early fall 2023 announcement as we prepare for a new season of fun in the sun and snow.
Fun in the snow!
Amir McKelvey, John Watts, Adris McKelvey, Hugh Scott, Jason Amos, Everett Scott
See Yourself On The Slopes
Skiing is one of the most physically demanding yet exhilarating sports/leisure activities one could engage in. Hot Ice Ski Club in partnership with Ski With Me, headed by Gary Hellifenstine is proposing getting more minority skiers involved and on the slopes.
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