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Program Launch
     Winter means snow, which makes you want to stay indoors, but why? Just because the temp has dropped or you have nothing you feel you can do or want to do outdoors? Well, there is absolutely something you can do rather than sit, watch tv, play video games, or eat just to fill your day. When is the last time you challenged yourself to do something different? When was the last time you expanded your social circle? Let us suggest a new challenge, a new involvement, and possibly a new you. Come ski with us, at the Hot Ice Ski Club of Western New York.
    The sport of skiing will do several things for you, first, your overall health will improve due to the amount of physical exertion involved. Second, your social circle will be expanded by meeting others, veterans’ skiers, and newcomers. The expansion of one’s social circle often presents new opportunities be they personal or business. For our children, it gets them off the couch and out of the house for a few hours each week. So can you see just how positive involvement can be? Finally, we not only ski local resorts but travel across this, country, Stow in Vermont, and Park Lake City, Utah to name a couple of places. We have also gone to Austria and skied the Kitzbuhel, Eagle, and Axamer mountains.
     If you wish to give skiing a chance complete these applications on the Hot Ice application page and the Ski With Me/Kissing Bridge application page for rentals.
    Finally, skiing is free for youngsters 7-15 due to the graciousness of our sponsor Ski With Me programs CEO Gary Helfenstein. Parents and those of adult age are encouraged to participate and will pay a minimal fee to take lessons and ski.
    There is a $10.00 (ten-dollar) application fee for each child participant, a small investment for such a great sport. Children pay nothing extra for this wonderful experience. Adults that already know how to ski will pay only $20.00 (twenty) for a lift ticket and $20.00 (twenty) if they need to rent equipment. Those adults that don't know how to ski will pay only $20.00 for lessons, what a great experience.
Fun in the snow!
Amir McKelvey, John Watts, Adris McKelvey, Hugh Scott, Jason Amos, Everett Scott
See Yourself On The Slopes
Skiing is one of the most physically demanding yet exhilarating sports/leisure activities one could engage in. Hot Ice Ski Club in partnership with Ski With Me, headed by Gary Hellifenstine is proposing getting more minority skiers involved and on the slopes.
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